What I Ate Today: Helping With Your Veganuary

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my What I Ate Today: Helping With Your Veganuary.

I hope everyone’s Veganuary is going well! The month seems to be flying by and I really hope those participating in Veganuary will attempt to go Vegan for good or keep an open mind to it throughout the year!!!

Going Vegan is a process that is different for everyone. While it would be great to continue being a Vegan throughout the year, everyone has their own path. I took my Veganism as a slow process (with a few hiccups before going fully Vegan), while some people can do it overnight. It is okay to have hiccups along the way, it is okay to slip up. Your journey is different than everyone else’s and that is OKAY! 

I got a DM the other day asking me how I feel if I accidentally eat a non-vegan product. For example, this person had a chip that they didn’t realize had milk in it until after eating them. This wasn’t a “cheese” chip or anything like that, but just a normal chip that happened to have milk in it. 

The answer I always give: Don’t be hard on yourself for it. You had no idea that you were consuming something that was not Vegan. Obviously, this is different than accidentally eating cheese (you know it’s cheese when you’re eating it lol). I take accidents like this as a learning lesson. Always be careful when checking labels. I even triple check. I instinctively always check ingredients as is because of my nut allergy, so I am extremely used to checking ingredients. It’s learning to use this mindset. As I said, it’s a learning lesson and accidentally eating something with dairy/any other animal product doesn’t make you less Vegan or suddenly not Vegan anymore. Just dust it off and keep going! 

Let’s get into what I ate!


I am going to be real here, I am really bad about eating breakfast. I am making a conscious effort in 2019 to eat breakfast. In general, it takes me hours to get hungry in the morning. I don’t normally eat breakfast until 1-2 hours after getting up. That has been delayed since me moving out and living on my own. I wake up and the first thing that I do is walk my dog. After walking her I feed her/give her fresh water and clean up anything that is dirty from the night before (dishes, etc.). I then get straight to work and then when 12 rolls around I become extremely hungry. I normally just have toast because I am not in the mood to make a whole breakfast since it’s already 12. So this morning I had some toast with sunbutter and blackberries. Please don’t follow what I do. I am acknowledging that not eating breakfast is a POOR decision. Why? Because I will end up eating everything in sight once dinner rolls around. I end up eating way more than I would have if I just made myself a real breakfast. It’s a horrible habit which is why I am trying to change. 


Lunch was eating what I recipe tested that day. Something I always do, because why not? I hate wasting food. This was my mushroom risotto  that is the newest recipe on my blog. It is delicious and I also had some steamed broccoli on the side. 


Dinner was one of my current quick & easy meals! This Trader Joes Vegan Orange Chicken is AMAZING! I love it so much. The taste of the Vegan chicken, the orange sauce…It is perfection! I also had it with some jasmine rice and more steamed broccoli!

Also another thing you may notice is that I don’t snack throughout the day. I’ve never been a snacker. Once in awhile if I am hungry Ill have a rice cake or some seaweed snacks, but usually I can hold myself over until my next meal. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with snacking! If I do happen to snack throughout this month, I will definitely share that with you. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Please let me know if there’s anything else you want me to cover in the next what I ate post (aka tomorrows post)!



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