What I Ate: January 4th

Welcome back to my daily what I eat in a day posts!

It was super snowy yesterday, aka a BLIZZARD, so I stayed inside and enjoyed everything from my comfort of my own home!



I started my morning with a cup of matcha. My favorite matcha is from Amoda tea because there are a ton of different matcha blends as well as traditional Matcha. I love the Matcha Activate! 

To make my matcha:

1 cup plant milk

1 tsp matcha 

splash of maple syrup 


(extras: ashwaganda, collagen -vegan, raw coconut butter, etc.) 

I heat up the milk in a saucepan and add that to a blender with matcha, maple syrup & cinnamon. Mix until combined. This time I added 1/4 tsp of ashwaganda. 

For breakfast I had a slice of toast with berries & bananas on toast with sunbutter


For lunch I had the recipe that I posted yesterday for tempeh bolognese and it is SO FREAKING YUMMY! 


I was still craving my bang bang tofu so I made some and put it over a salad with some broccoli (I had more broccoli after taking the photo) 

That is what I ate today! I hope you guys enjoyed & I’ll see you tomorrow! 


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