What I Ate: Jan 8th

We have already flown through the first week of January and I can’t believe it!

I hope that these posts are giving you some ideas & helpful towards your Veganuary or New Years Resolutions to become more plant based 🙂 


For breakfast I had my standard avocado toast on Ezekiel bread!


Let me admit, this was a really bad day for me. I dropped my dog off to get spayed and won’t see her until the next day, I’m on my period (which is bad this month)…so I am really emotional. I tried recipe testing for my blog but it turned out horrible and I knew that I just needed to relax today and not do anything that would stress me out further. 

I attempted a sushi burrito which failed miserably but tasted pretty amazing. 

I used two nori sheets, cauliflower rice, carrot, lettuce, cucumber and tofu which I baked and tossed in buffalo sauce. I will definitely make this again but maybe in a bowl form rather than a formed burrito. 

To make the cauliflower rice sticky, I mixed it with a little vegan cream cheese & rice vinegar. I also mixed in black sesame seeds. 


This is a go to for me


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