Vegan Pizza Bagels

Hello everyone! What are two things I love? Pizza & Bagels. Combined, they are genuinely a match made in heaven. Prior to Veganism, I always loved eating those pizza bagels you buy frozen in the grocery store. They were convenient, and easy to have. However, looking back now, I would never eat those again. The dairy industry is just as cruel as any other, not to mention they’re terribly bad for you.

Well, just because I am now Vegan doesn’t mean I still can’t enjoy these foods. These pizza bagels are  *cruelty free* and take just minutes to prep before popping them into the freezer.



This is obviously a no set recipe, because it is just all about “DIY.” I just wanted to share another easy & simple way Veganism is without feeling restricted or left out.

I was able to find these mini bagels which almost accurately fit the size of the pizza bagels I used to eat, but of course you could totally use a normal size bagel (more noms).

These are great to feed to your kids, eat as a snack, or scarf down after a late night.

I wanted to show how you could totally fit this to your needs, and be as versatile as you want. Here I made a mix between no cheese/cheese (daiya) pizzas. I also made a couple using Vegan vodka sauce (by Victoria’s) for a little spin on the traditional pizza bagel.

You could even use whatever kind of bagel you’d like. Here I used a few plain, sesame, and whole wheat.

After you’ve decorated your pizza bagels, pop them into the freezer and use until ready!

I found that by toasting them in the oven on high broiler, it takes 8-10 minutes to toast perfectly and have the cheese melt. Bigger bagels might take around 10-12 minutes.


They’re crunchy around the corners, gooey from the cheese, and soft on the inside. Just how your typical pizza bagels would be store brought.

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