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Ever since the early days of Youtube guru’s, I always have enjoyed watching Tag videos. The boyfriend tag, makeup tag, whatever tags there were I enjoyed. When I recently stumbled upon The Vegan Tag, I was super excited and intrigued by the questions. I decided to answer the questions to this tag for you all on my blog because the questions are interested, and I always love learning about other people’s Vegan journeys.

Are you a Vegan?

Yes! Why else would I be doing this tag 🙂
When did you become a vegan?

I became a Vegan in November of 2015! The day after Thanksgiving.
Why did you become a vegan?

I became a Vegan because during the time of my Fall semester at school I fell into a deep depression. I would never go outside, I completely isolated myself from the world and I was tired of it. I was a vegetarian at the time and wanted something more out of life. I had been looking into Veganism for quite some time but never took the plunge. I decided that if I wanted to better myself the first thing I needed to do was change my lifestyle, and I haven’t looked back.
What was the hardest part about becoming vegan?

I don’t think I had any difficultly being a Vegan “diet” wise, but it was more of the backlash I received. Nobody has criticized me becoming Vegan, or tried to get me to go back. It was more of being badgered about if I was making the right decision “health wise” and if I would be getting the proper nutrients I would need to live a healthy life. They were all so wrong.
Is it difficult to be vegan?

Not at all. So many people say they could never be Vegan because it’s too “limited.” Those people are incredibly ignorant and purely just have not educated themselves to the correct magnitude. People I know constantly claim to be animal lovers, but still eat meat/dairy. They have to make that connection. How could someone love animals but eat them? You wouldn’t eat your pet would you? So why are other animals any different. It’s not even about eating animals too, it’s about wearing them or using products that test on animals. As said, Veganism isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle.
Do you let certain things “slide” from time to time? (for example, use/purchase non-vegan items. etc.)

Since becoming a Vegan I have not purchased any products that contain animal products/non-Vegan items. However, I do own products that might be tested on animals. I’ve given away a bunch of stuff/thrown out old products. I do have some makeup items that aren’t considered to be “cruelty free”,  however I am using many of them up because a lot of them are high end products that I’ve spent a lot of money on. Once those products are done, I won’t be repurchasing them.
How do you deal with people who are close minded about your lifestyle?

I just don’t deal with them at all. Most of the people who are close minded are my friends/family and I’m not going to end friendships with people I love. If I see people sharing things about Veganism on social media that are negative, I don’t waste my time trying to argue or state my opinion because those people are frankly stupid and don’t deserve my time of day.
Do you support Vegetarianism and or (“something’s better than nothing’s”)?

I definitely believe that Vegetarianism is a great way to get more comfortable with being Vegan, as that is what I did myself. However, I don’t think that strict Vegetarians realize that they’re not doing so much of helpfulness for the planet or animals considering they’re still ingesting animal products (dairy, eggs). However, as previously said, I do believe Vegetarianism is a great lifestyle diet to start out on before becoming Vegan.
What is your favorite specialty vegan item? (name as many as you’d like!)

I love Daiya Mozzarella Cheese, I love mostly all of the Follow Your Heart products, Earth Balance products.
What is your opinion of the meat and dairy alternatives?

I don’t see anything wrong with meat & dairy alternatives. However, just because they’re vegan, doesn’t mean they are that great for you. I consume both but in moderation. They can tend to be high in fat and are processed.
What is your opinion about palm oil?

Honestly, I am not too educated on palm oil. I know that the production of palm oil means deforestation which also means the death of many animals, but I don’t feel like I am too knowledgable about it to teach others. I try to buy products that state they get their palm oil sustainably.
Do you feel judged by other vegans sometimes? How do you deal with it?I

haven’t come into contact by any judgmental vegans. The only thing I get iffy about is the fact my blog and instagram and titled Plantbasedjane. I know vegans can go crazy over the whole “plant based” thing, but I am fully vegan.
Do you enjoy being a vegan?



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